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We Are UrBanNerdCo

UrBanNerdCo is a web design and development company, founded in 2014.  


Our founders were web designers, graphic artist and customer service professionals. Together, they decided it was time to bring a new kind of website product and management experience to a new kind of customer.


The objective would be to offer powerful but easily managed web development and productivity solutions to the ever-growing number of people who are abandoning conventional careers to go into business for themselves. This new wave of entrepreneurs would require powerful, intuitive and  beautiful representations to greet clients online. Should products should never get in the way, require constant oversight, tech support or inhibit day to day operations.


Here, we do all the building, coding, updating, file managing, configuring, syncing, archiving, etc.. 


 WE BUILD your website; WE PERFORM any changes or revisions you may need; WE SECURE & PROTECT you and your content from malicious software.

As a result, UrBanNerdCo clients never have to concern themselves with how-to guides, malware infections, fastidious web builders or the knobs and switches of any cPanel. Once development is complete and the website is launched, management task fall to us. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer support team is here to answer questions and address concerns via phone, email & live chat for added convenience.


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Being your own boss can be challenging enough, especially for new entrepreneurs but building and managing a website doesn't have to be...

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