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  • Click the link at the top of the page to begin redemption.

  • Referred clients must fulfill all financial account obligations before referrals can be redeemed.

  • All redemptions are processed by our verifications team.

  • Referrals should be redeemed no longer then 72 hours after the new client has created an account.

  • Contact support if you have not received a notification email from verifications.


FAQs & Restrictions

  • Typically, sites launch in 2 weeks or less, depending on how quickly files are transferred.

  • Construction can be expedited for an additional fee of 100.00 but only if your project meets specific.

  • All our web products are tablet, mobile phone and search engine ready. In addition, premium accounts are COMPLETELY IMPERVIOUS TO MALWARE. Content is backed up daily!

  • Monthly service charges begin 30 days after launch and are invoiced on the 1st or the 15th. If you require a specific invoice date, submit a tcket to our billing department via the client portal.

  • Invoices have a 10 day grace period. After the 10th day, account suspension may take place.. Open communication with our billing team is encouraged and may prevent service interruptions.

  • Deposits are refundable up to 100.00, post once construction.

  • Clients are free to cancel an account at any time. There no fees associated with closing an account.

  • UrBanNerdCo does not offer VPS or dedicated hosting.

  • UrBanNerdCo does not build social networks.

  • Live streaming is not supported on our servers.

  • We offer shared hosting on cloud servers.

Know someone shopping for web design solutions? Through our referral program, you can earn up to $100 by turning your friends into new UrBanNerdCo clients.

L1 - 50.00

L2 - 100.00

L3- 100.00

There no limits on how many clients you can refer nor is being an existing UrBanNerdCoclient necessary criteria for participation in this program.

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