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Welcome to the UrBanNerdCo Client Portal!

Here, you will be able to update account information, interact with our support staff, pay your monthly service fees, keep up with promotions events and more!

Is Your Client Profile Up To Date?

The easiest way to update your account information is to complete a new registration form. Account information and profile updates can also be made through our support team, which are available via phone, email and live chat.

The Referral Program!

Earn $50 for each new client you refer to UrBanNerdCo. Friends, family, neighbors, co workers. The sky is the limit! Click below for details!

Manage Cards

Adding a new card to your account will automatically remove any previously added cards from your account.

Customer Support

Call or text 832.413.6059 orto be connected with our support team. If you'd rather shoot us an email, feel free to submit a support ticket.


Office Hours:

Monday -> Thursday - 12PM -> 8PM

Friday & Saturday - 12PM -> 4PM

Offices are closed on Sunday.

Hey, Alexa! You're FREE With My New Account!

For a limited time, UrBanNerdCo website products include Amazon's super cool Echo Dot smart speaker! Use promo code "ALEXA 4 NERD" during registration to take advantage of this exciting new promotion.


Cannot be combined with other offers. coupons or promotions.

Introducing: Real Time Constructions!

Real Time is a new service currently in development that will allow clients and our construction staff to interact while the project is underway. Both parties will be able to see the site come to love and take shape. This means that tickets and support emails won't be necessary for clients to leave feedback or make changes. We plan to roll this new service out Winter 2017.

Thanks for choosing UrBanNerdCo!

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